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Things To Do With Kids This Summer Around Lake Mac

  1. Kites and Castles
    The annual event returns to Lake Mac July 30 this year.  Scout out a kite and tell the kids to start dreaming of sand sculpture designs for the contest, which is planned for an area near the blue slab at Martin Bay as water is receding.  Watch kitesandcastles.com for more information or call the Ogallala/Keith County Chamber at 800-658-4390.
  2. The Front Street Crystal Palace Revue
    Did you toss back a sarsaparilla and take your oath as an honorary Ogallala deputy as a kid? Now your kids can get sworn in, too. (They’ll still have to promise to change their underwear at least once a week!) A western Nebraska institution, the Crystal Palace Revue is in its 52nd season.

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Featured Event


Kites and Castles

Have you registered your team yet for Kites and Castles?  Sign up here using the “not a member” option.   The lake continues to drop about a foot a week, leaving room to bu

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Featured Attraction


Mansion on the Hill

An authentic Victorian style home, the Mansion on the Hill was Ogallala’s finest residence when it was completed in 1887. Today, it is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and is a favorite with visitors to Ogallala.


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