Some changes may be coming to Lake McConaughy

(Jan. 7, 2020) According to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Lake McConaughy hosted unprecedented amounts of visitors in 2018 and 2019 which stressed both park infrastructure and resources and local public safety resources. In response, NGPC has partnered with Keith County Commissioners, local public safety officials and the general public to propose changes that would reduce crowding and create higher quality experiences for visitors to Lake McConaughy and Lake Ogallala. (Press release available at:

Proposed solutions to overcrowding, if adopted by the Commission, may include reservation-only camping for all modern campground, beach, and primitive sites. No overnight camping would be allowed without a reservation. Specific day use areas would be available and not require a reservation, but occupancy numbers will be regulated and parking will be limited to designated areas. If reservation-only camping is implemented, reservations would be available up to 90 days in advance through an app. A public open house is scheduled for Thursday, January 16 from 3-6pm at the Lake McConaughy Visitor Center and Water Interpretive Center. Input on proposed changes is also welcomed at

We know our visitors who love Lake Mac are very interested in any possible changes at the lake, and we’ll continue to pass along information as it becomes available on the Lake McConaughy Facebook page and the Keith County tourism website: